No one is perfect and mistakes happen. If all scope of work was laid out previously, occurrence isn’t a change order, and all obstacles were physically visible; Norton Building and Remodel will pay the mistake cost out of their pocket. If a customer is unhappy with the finished product and it is not up to current building standards, Norton Building and Remodel will pay for the fix/redo out of their pocket. This philosophy is what allows Norton Building and Remodel to excel. Norton Building and Remodel is professional, trustworthy, reliable, respecting, and honest.

Will Norton is here to make a living and serve the public, not retire at 45 years old and cheat customer’s out of their money. Why cheat 1 person out of $5000 and ruin all future business; I would lose much more than gained. It is in Norton’s best interest to serve all customers with a “Quality. Reliability. Vision. Built right.” attitude and promise.

Look forward to working with you!