Basement Bathroom Build

Basement bathroom build; demo, underground plumbing, concrete, plumbing, electrical, lights, vanity, tile, shower door, hvac, window, drywall, trim, doors.

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Customer Review:

“We had our basement bathroom finished. We had a few quotes, and even one contractor who said he didn’t want to do the job because of what a mess the pipes and plumbing would be to move around. The layout and plumbing had to be reconfigured and Norton Building did a great job helping us figure out the best layout and stayed within our budget. The owner was kind, and always very responsive to our questions and concerns. He and his workers showed up when expected or contacted me when there was a change in schedule. The project took longer than projected, but we weren’t in a hurry and so didn’t push to have it done faster. The bathroom turned out great. Overall we were very happy with Norton Building.”




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