Whole Home Remodel

Whole home remodel; demo, roof, landscape, hvac, furnace,  new electrical service whole home, new plumbing whole home, drywall, vanities, appliances, load bearing beam, add master bath to make master suite, doors, window egress, lights, framing.

More pics to come.

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Customer review:

Happy Whole House Remodel

“Will and his team did a great job remodeling a complete disaster of a house!
We purchased a rental property that had been completely destroyed by the previous tenants. At first, our project was going to be small; however, that quickly changed. As we got started, it became clear that we would need to replace everything in the house: all new plumbing, electrical, roof, HVAC, kitchen, bathrooms, and just about everything in-between. We even decided to add a bathroom to the master bedroom, and, as everything else, Will took it in stride.
Will was understanding, and was willing to accommodate us throughout the project. As our needs adjusted, so did he.
Throughout the whole process, Will and the team kept me completely updated, so that I knew what was going on at all times. The team was flexible enough to allow me to hop in complete some of the work on my own to keep costs down. And when we did elect to take on some of the smaller projects, he was willing to walk us through the process and give us pointers.
Additionally, when it came to billing and going over the budget, he was always on top of it and kept us informed with price changes and adjustments. Generally, Will is just an all around, great guy. Initially, I chose him because of his great personality. And in the end, I was not disappointed at all. To be fair, that does not mean that we didn’t have our disagreements or issues, all projects of this magnitude do! That said, what was great about Will and his team is that they always worked to make sure everything came out great. Whenever changes needed to be made, budgets reviewed, concerns arose, they were all over it. He constantly said to me that he “would do anything for his customers” and that he’d be there for us throughout the process, and he was. Working with any contractor on large or small projects can be tedious, but Will was great and we learned a lot about the process.
1 – Ask questions!! Will is not afraid to answer them. In the long run, it’s only going to help you and him.
2 – Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and be upfront. If you are honest about things, the better your experience will be. Will and team will give you a straight forward answer.
3 – Remember to be respectful. It builds trust between the homeowner and the contractor. Will is an honest guy and sticks by his word and work. But the best way to build a great relationship is to remember to treat each other with respect. I know that sounds weird, but really…it does help.
4 – It never goes exactly as planned. Its just the truth, but Will does work very hard to make sure your needs are being meet.

In the end, we actually decided to move into the newly remodeled rental instead of keeping it a rental. The work was so great, and the house was so nice, that we just couldn’t bear to have someone else enjoy it! Like I said…it never turns out the way you plan!

Thank you Will, Sergio, Benji and all others who worked on our house. We couldn’t be happier!!”


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